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Telegram Quick Start

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To connect Telegram, a Telegram Bot is required. Read our guide to create a Telegram Bot.
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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice-over IP service developed by Telegram Messenger LLP. This Telegram Bot integration lets you respond to messages directly from our platform.

Connecting Telegram

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings

From Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Channels.

Step 2: Add Channel

Click Add Channel and choose Telegram. The Connecting Telegram dialog should open up.

Connecting Telegram to dialog
Connecting Telegram to dialog

Step 3: Message BotFather

On your telegram app, message the BotFather.

Message telegram BotFather

Step 4: Connecting to a bot

Send the command /mybots and select the bot to connect.

Step 5: Get API Token

Select API Token from the menu options and add the API token to the corresponding field on the platform.

Step 6: Complete the setup at

Click Done to complete the setup.

Once you've completed the setup, any messages sent to your Telegram account will now be received in your Workspace.

Channel Configuration

Telegram channel can be configured with a unique channel name.

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings

From Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Channels.

Step 2: Locate the Telegram channel

Once you've located the Telegram channel, click Configure.

Telegram Channel Configuration on page

Step 3: Make the necessary configuration

You can configure the following:

  • Channel Name - Name used internally to identify the account.
Important: Be careful when entering your details as errors might cause failure to receive messages from your Telegram account.
Telegram Channel Configuration on page dialog

Step 4: Update the configuration

Click Done to update the channel configuration.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can I connect to a personal Telegram account?

To connect a Telegram channel, a Telegram Bot is required. You can create a Telegram Bot here.

Why do I get this "Forbidden: bot was blocked by the user" error message?

If you received this error message next to a message on the platform, this means the Contact has already blocked your Telegram bot.

Blocking is a way for a Contact to stop receiving messages from a business. Spamming is one of the main reasons why a Contact blocks a business whereby the Contact feels the business is constantly sending irrelevant content or other unsolicited messages.

Once the Contact has blocked your Telegram bot, your business can't send any messages, which include broadcast messages, 1-to-1 messages or any other messages initiated by the business to the Contact anymore unless the Contact reaches out to the business again.

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