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Step: Add Comment

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This Step adds a note about the Contact for internal reference or action.


Write your desired comment in the text field. You can add a Variable using $ or tag another user using @. To tag the current assignee, type @assignee.

How It Works

After writing your desired comment, it will be added to the Contact’s profile. If a User is tagged in the comment, they will receive a notification and can take the necessary action.

  • E.g. Workflow {Workflow Name} has mentioned you in a comment.

Best Practices

Here’s a best practice for this step you can follow to optimize your workflow:

  • Placing multiple comments side by side may be overwhelming for agents. Instead, use the Add Comment Step throughout the workflow to help track a Contact’s progress and identify the current step of the workflow.

Suggested Use Cases

Here are some ways you can use the Add Comment Step:

  • Improve workflow tracking: Using the Add Comment Step can help track a workflow’s status, making it easier to identify the current step and any potential issues.
  • Document and consolidate information: Comments serve as documentation of decisions made, actions taken, and important information, aiding in future references.

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