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Vonage SMS Quick Start

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To connect with Vonage, you will need a Vonage account.
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Vonage is a cloud communications platform that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages through web service APIs.

This Vonage integration lets you respond to SMS messages directly from our platform.

Setting Up Vonage

Purchasing a Virtual Number

Note that you will have to upgrade to a paid Vonage account in order to purchase a Virtual Number.

Step 1: Navigate to the Vonage Developer Dashboard

Sign in with your user credentials. If you are not already signed in, you may have to log in with your Vonage account first.

Step 2: Purchase a phone number

Under the Numbers section of the sidebar, select Buy numbers.

Vonage Purchasing a Virtual Number page

Step 3: Choose a phone number

Select a phone number that you prefer and best suits your company's needs. You can select a number from any country available on Vonage.

Vonage Purchasing a Virtual Number Page
Be sure to select a phone number that supports SMS capability as it is required for this connection to work.

Connecting Vonage

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on How to Connect Vonage SMS Number to

Step 1: Navigate to Workspace Settings > Click Add Channel

Step 2: Locate the Vonage SMS Channel > Click Connect

Step 3: Sign in to Vonage with your user credentials on the Vonage Website.

Step 4: Locate the API Key & API Secret on the Dashboard and add them to the corresponding fields on the platform.

Vonage settings page

Step 5: After you've filled in both values, follow the instructions by clicking Next.

Step 6: Navigate to Your Numbers and locate the phone number. Add it to the corresponding field on the platform.

Vonage Dashboard your numbers page

Step 7: Navigate to the phone number settings and click the settings icon next to the number to be connected.

Step 8: From the platform, copy the generated URL and paste it to the Inbound Webhook URL field in Vonage.

Vonage page dialog configure sms number

Step 9: Click Save to save your Webhook configuration.

Step 10: Click Save Changes to complete the setup.

Once you've completed the setup, any SMS sent to the Vonage phone number will now be received in your Workspace.

Channel Configuration

Vonage SMS channel can be configured with a unique channel name.

Step 1: Navigate to Workspace Settings > Click Channels.

Step 2: Locate the Vonage SMS Channel > Click Manage > Configuration

Step 3: Configure the Channel name, which is used internally to identify the account.

Be careful when entering your details as errors might cause failure to receive messages from the connected Vonage SMS account.

Step 4: Click Save Changes to update the Channel configuration.

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