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Assignment and Closing a Conversation

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Assigning an Agent to a Contact

The Assignment dropdown list can be found at the top right corner of the Inbox module. It may be used to assign or reassign an Agent to a Contact. The dropdown list will list all the available Agents with their avatars. You can also search for a specific Agent via the search box.

Unassigning an Agent from a Contact

The Assignment dropdown list includes the Unassign option. This unassigns a User from a Contact and moves the Contact to the Unassigned Inbox.

Unassigning can also be done from the Contacts Drawer in the Contacts Module.

Closing a Conversation

Next to the Assignment dropdown menu is the Open or Close button. When a Contact has an open conversation, the button will allow you to close the conversation. When a Contact has a closed conversation status, you can open a new conversation to initiate contact.

You cannot open or close a conversation for a blocked Contact. The Open and Close buttons will not be available for blocked Contacts. You can resume conversation with a blocked Contact by unblocking them first.

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