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Workspace Settings: Integrations

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Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owners and Managers only!

This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Integrations.

screenshot showing the main integrations settings page

In these settings, you can:

Connecting an Integration

Step 1: Navigate to Integration Settings

From Settings Module, navigate to the menu item, Integrations.

Step 2: Select an integration

Find an integration that best works for your use cases. Press the blue CONNECT button.

Learn more about the integrations we provide :
Google Sheets
Developer APIs

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions

Different integrations will require a different connection method. Follow the respective instructions.

Editing an Integration

For each of the active integrations, there is an option to edit the integration by pressing the blue EDIT button.

gif showing how to edit an integration

Be sure to update the correct credentials to avoid any connection failure and processing errors!

Disconnecting an Integration

When an integration is no longer needed, it can be removed by simply pressing the grey DISCONNECT button.

gif showing how to disconnect an integration
Be careful when you disconnect an integration. Make sure that nothing is dependent on the integration.

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