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How to Track Productivity by Closing Conversations

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In this article, you'll learn how to use the Close Conversation feature to track sales agent productivity.’s Close Conversation feature is a powerful tool that can be used for many use cases on the platform based on your business needs. For sales use cases, it can be used to track agent productivity in the Reports Module.

Benefits of the Close Conversation Feature

The Close Conversation feature can be used to:

  • Track agent productivity in the Reports module by viewing how many leads they interacted with.
  • Provide summaries of activities completed in each Conversation.

Method for Managing Closing Conversations

  • Track agent productivity on the platform with the Close Conversation feature.

Track agent activity on the platform

Agent productivity can be tracked by how many conversations they have with leads and what activities take place in those conversations. Businesses can use the Close button to monitor these activities in the Reports Module.

Tip: You can track agents’ activities such as lead qualification and sales completed by labeling closed conversations. For deal tracking and management for long sales cycles, connect to your external CRM.

Method Objectives

  • Close the conversation when an activity with a lead is completed.
  • Monitor all closed conversations.


Close the conversation when an activity with a lead is completed
Tip: Learn more about Closing Conversations here.

To close a conversation with a lead, use the Close button on top and add an optional Closing Note to provide a summary of the conversation.

Closing conversation from Messages module

In the Closing Note, add a Conversation Category and Summary. For Sales agents, common categories include New lead, follow-up, deal won, deal lost.

Monitor all closed conversations
Tip: Learn more about Conversation Lists here.

To monitor closed conversations, use the Conversation List in the Reports Module. The list table shows an overview of all closed conversation, including data such as first response and resolution time, conversation summary and more, within a selected time period.

gif showing what is included in the conversation list
Tip: Learn more about reporting for Sales here.
Tip: If your business has short cycles, you may want to automatically unassign Contacts from agents when conversations are closed. Learn how to create a Workflow for this here.

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