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Broadcasts Overview

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Getting Here

This module is accessible by Owners and Managers only!

This module can be accessed from the side navigation menu under the menu item, Broadcasts.

Broadcasts Module

The Broadcasts Module allows you to send mass messages to all of your Contacts, or target selected Contacts based on Tags and Channels.

Broadcast Fields



Broadcast Name

The name used to identify the broadcast.

Broadcast Time

The specified time when the broadcast is to be sent.

Message Content

The content specified for the broadcast.


The Channel the target audience belongs to.


The Tags the target audiences are tagged with.

Target Audience

Estimated number of recipients who will receive the broadcast message based on the targeting options.

Broadcast View

The Broadcasts Module has three separate views depending on your needs: Calendar, Scheduled, and History. You can switch between these views via the dropdown menu on the top left of the module.


In the Calendar view, you can view all broadcasts including the past and scheduled broadcasts. Use the arrows on the top right to navigate through the months.

Broadcasts Calendar

Upcoming broadcasts will be indicated with a colored tab while past broadcasts are indicated with a grey tab. You may click on the item to find out more details about the broadcast and cancel it if it has not been sent.

An indicator will be shown beside the broadcast name if the broadcast is not sent successfully due to insufficient broadcast message usage.


In this view, you can see a list of scheduled broadcasts to be sent out at a specific date and time.

 list of scheduled broadcasts
Tip: Use the Search function to look for the broadcast you want.


In this view, you can see a list of broadcasts that have been sent out. "Recipients" is the number of contacts targeted to receive the broadcast and "Number Of Broadcast Messages" is the total number of broadcast messages to send to the expected recipients.

There might be a discrepancy between the Number of Broadcast Messages count in the Broadcasts Module and Broadcast Messages count in the Usage Module. This is due to how Contacts are processed when a broadcast is sent.

For instance, if there are two Contacts with the same phone number, the broadcast will only be sent to one of the contacts with this phone number once. In the Broadcasts Module, it will be shown as two messages, but actual usage in the Billing and Usage Module will be one.

Broadcasts History
An indicator will be shown beside the broadcast name if the broadcast is not sent successfully due to insufficient broadcast message usage.

Broadcast Message Limits

To increase the number of broadcasts allowed under your subscription plan, upgrade to the business plan here or contact us about custom plans.

There are monthly plan limitations to the number of broadcasts businesses can send. Check Billing and Usage under Organization Settings to see the number of broadcasts your subscription allows.

Broadcasts are counted by messages sent, not by number of contacts.

Example: If a business has 2,000 contacts and sends a broadcast to all of them once a week, that’s 8,000 broadcast messages in a month.

If you exceed the number of broadcast messages allowed, the entire broadcast will not be sent.

Example: A company’s monthly limit is 200,000 broadcast messages. They have sent 190,000 broadcast messages in that month. When they try to send a broadcast of 12,000 messages, all 12,000 will not be allowed to be sent.


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