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Step: Open Conversation

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This Step opens a Conversation with the Contact.

How It Works

When the Workflow is triggered, a conversation with the Contact will open. The Message Module will display “Conversation opened by {Workflow name}”. If the conversation is already open when this Step is triggered and executed, the Contact will proceed to the next Step.

Best Practices

Suppose the Contact’s conversation is closed and you want to open the conversation by sending a message. Use the open conversation step to open a conversation before you send a message to the Contact in the workflow.

Sending a message from the workflow will not automatically open the conversation. Whereas sending a message from the message module will automatically open the conversation.

Suggested Use Cases

  • Open the conversation before sending a message: For example, if you use an Incoming Webhook as a trigger and a customer abandons their cart on the e-commerce platform, it will trigger the workflow. You can then open a conversation and send a follow-up message to the customer.

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Step: Update Contact Field

Step: Close Conversation

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