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Organization Overview

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What is an Organization on

An Organization is a collection of Users who belong to a group or company and share a subscription. On the platform, an Organization owns the subscription, Users and Workspaces.

An Organization can have one or many Users. Users can belong to multiple Organizations by invitation. For a better workforce, there are different roles within an Organization that allows Users to perform different functions. Refer here to learn more about organization roles.

Creating an Organization

The Organization can only be created during a User's sign-up. A User can only create one Organization. If you require more than one Organization, contact us here.

Step 1: Register for a new account

Using this guide, register for a new account.

Step 2: Fill in the required information

The information will be used for internal reference only.

Creating an Organization

Step 3: Complete

When an Organization is created, a Workspace is created by default too.

Creating an Organization & Creating a Workspace

Viewing Organizations

A User can view Organizations they have access to by navigating to the User Profile Menu. Each Organization lists the Workspaces the User has access to so they can navigate to them when necessary.

Viewing Organizations

Accessing Organization Settings

Organization settings can only be accessed by Organization Admins, Billing Admins and User Admins. Organization members cannot access organization settings as they do not have the privileges to make changes to an Organization.
Accessing Organization Settings

Organization settings have the following tabs. Please refer to the respective tab for more information:

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Organization Settings: General

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