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Twilio SMS

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To connect with Twilio, you will need a Twilio account.
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Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages through web service APIs.

This Twilio integration lets you respond to SMS messages directly from our platform.

Setting Up Twilio

Step 1: Sign in to your Twilio account

Sign in with your user credentials. If you don't have a Twilio account, sign up for a free account with a $15 credit.

Step 2: Get a phone number

Head over to the Twilio Dashboard and press the red Get a Trial Number button. Twilio will recommend a phone number based on your location.

Setting Up Twilio

Step 3: Choose a phone number

Select a phone number that you prefer and best suits your company's needs. You can select a number from any country available on Twilio.

Be sure to select a phone number that supports SMS capability as it is required for this connection to work.
Don't forget to add your credit card information to your Twilio Account before you make the SMS Channel public. The charges for each message will depend on your country.

Connecting Twilio (SMS)

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings

From Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Channels.

Step 2: Add Channel

Click Add Channel and choose Twilio. Then select SMS on the second step.

Connecting Twilio (SMS) to
Connecting Twilio (SMS) to

Step 3: Sign in to Twilio

Sign in with your user credentials at Twilio.

Step 4: Locate the Account SID and Auth Token

Locate both Account SID and Auth Token on the dashboard and add them to the corresponding fields on the platform.

Locate the Account SID and Auth Token on twilio platform

Step 6: Select the Twilio phone number

Once you've added both Account SID and Auth Token, you will be able to select the Twilio phone number from the dropdown on the platform.

Step 7: Complete setup at

Click Done to complete setup.

Once you've completed the setup, any SMS sent to the Twilio phone number will now be received in your Workspace.

Channel Configuration

Twilio SMS channel can be configured with a unique Channel Name.

Step 1: Navigate to Channel Settings

From Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Channels.

Step 2: Locate the Twilio SMS channel

Once you've located the Twilio SMS channel, click Configure.

Step 3: Make the necessary configuration

You can configure the following:

  • Channel Name - Name used internally to identify the account.
Important: Be careful when entering your details as errors might cause failure to receive messages from the connected Twilio SMS account.

Step 4: Update the configuration

Click Done to update the channel configuration.

Metadata Received by Channel

Different channels provide different sets of Contact's metadata to platform. Here’s the list of Contact's data you’ll be able to obtain from this channel:

  • Phone number
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Country

Broadcast Capabilities

Twilio SMS has no restrictions on the content or number of messages businesses can send in a broadcast. Broadcast messages will be charged at the usual per-message rate.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

If you're unable to receive messages after following the instructions above, we recommend you to check the Twilio Webhook Configuration for the selected Phone Number.

Step 1: Sign in to Twilio

Sign in with your user credentials at Twilio.

Step 2: View Phone Numbers Settings

From the side navigation menu, view all Products and Services and select Phone Numbers.

Twilio Dashboard

Step 3: Select on the phone number

From the list of phone numbers, choose the phone number you would like to troubleshoot.

Step 4: Check the webhook details

Navigate to the Messaging section and check the webhook details.

Make sure that the following webhook appears under A MESSAGE COMES IN field

twilio dashboard phone numbers page

By default we add the correct webhook to your phone number configuration when it's connected for the first time; however if you have previously installed other tools to that number, this might cause the wrong webhook to be stored on that field, preventing messages from being passed to platform.

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