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Getting Here

Contact Profile

You can retrieve each Contact's details by clicking on their name or profile picture.

View Details from Contact's menu

For each record in the Contact's table, there is a menu where you can select to view their contact details.

Contact Drawer in Messages Module

Contact Fields

Each Contact has a specific set of fields that describes them and helps to provide context to Users who are assisting them with their queries.

You can customize the order of the Contact Fields in the Contact Fields Module.

Contact Display

The contact display has the Contact's name, country flag, profile picture and active Channels. Refer to Standard Fields on how the values are sourced.

Contact profile display
Editing a Contact's name
Editing a Contact's name

You can edit a Contact's name by hovering over the name. A pencil will appear. Click on the pencil to enter edit mode. Once you have made the change, click on the check mark to confirm the changes.

Standard Fields





Contact Profile


The profile picture and display name are obtained from the Channel on which the Contact interacted.


First Name


Contact's first name, which can be sourced from the Channel or manually updated.

Last Name


Contact's last name, which can be sourced from the Channel or manually updated.



A representation of where the Contact originates from. The value can be sourced from the phone number or manually updated.



Contact's language, which can be sourced from the Contact's browser, Channel or manually updated.

Email Address

Email Address

Contact's email address, which can be sourced from the Channel or manually updated.

Phone Number

Phone Number

Contact's phone number, which can be sourced from the Channel or manually updated. The phone number must include the country code and follow the E164 format.

Assigned To


The current assignee to whom the Contact is assigned.

Conversation Status


The current status of the Contact's conversation.


Custom Fields

The Custom Fields configured in the Workspace will be shown in the contact details too. The value for the Custom Fields can be updated according to its respective field type. Refer here for more information.


Lastly, the Tags assigned to this Contact will be visible at the bottom of the details view.

Tags are primarily used to organize Users and can later be used to filter Contacts for other purposes such as broadcasts or contact views.

You can make changes to the Tags by adding and removing them from the field.

Adding a Tag

To add a Tag, type into the field of the desired Tag. The field will suggest existing Tags that match your query. You can select an existing Tag if it matches your query or creates a new Tag by hitting the Enter key.

Add tags to a Contact
Removing a Tag

When a Tag is no longer relevant to a Contact, you can remove it from the Contact by clicking the "X" on the Tag.

Removing tags from a Contact
Standardize the terms used for tagging and keep the number of Tags on each user to a minimum and relevant. Tag pollution is bad.

More Actions

This menu can be accessed in the vertical sidebar by clicking on the Actions menu, or the three dots icon.

More Actions

View Messages

This option will redirect you to the Messages module and show the messages sent by and to the particular Contact.

Block Contact or Unblock Contact

If Contacts are sending you spam messages, you can block the Contacts using the Block Contact option to stop receiving messages from them.

When you block a Contact:

  • the conversation will be automatically closed, and then blocked.
  • any messages sent by the Contact after they're blocked will not be displayed on the conversation window.
  • any messages sent by the Contact after they're blocked will not be counted towards your Monthly Active Contacts usage from the next billing cycle onwards.
  • all ongoing Workflows for the blocked Contact will be automatically stopped.

If you have mistakenly blocked a Contact, you may reverse the action by using the Unblock Contact option.

Refer here for more details on how to manage spam.

Delete Contact

Only Owners and Managers with no such restriction can perform this action!

If Contacts are no longer relevant to the Workspace, they can be deleted from the Workspace. When you delete a Contact, all messages associated with the Contact will be deleted too.

Be careful when you delete a Contact as it might contain useful information. Bear in mind that this deletion cannot be undone!

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