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E-Commerce Integration: WooCommerce

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Streamline your communication with customers and improve overall customer experience by integrating your WooCommerce platform to using Zapier. With this integration, you can automate various processes and tasks between WooCommerce and, such as:

  • real time customer data updates between and WooCommerce
  • sending customers messages about their orders and bookings

We’ve created Zapier templates to accomplish some common business goals, so you don’t need to start your Zaps from scratch.

All templates will require you to connect to; follow the steps to set up a Zapier integration here.

List of Zapier Templates

Send messages via for new WooCommerce bookings

Customers appreciate the convenience of having booking information handy in their phones. This integration allows you provide that, effortlessly. Set it up to automatically send customers an instant message via when they make a new booking on WooCommerce.

Use this template:

Send messages via for new WooCommerce orders

Want to send customers their order confirmation to the messaging app they prefer to use? This automation sends customers an instant message via when they place a new order in WooCommerce.

Use this template:

Add new WooCommerce customers as Contacts

Want to chat with your WooCommerce customers over instant messaging? This automation automatically creates or updates a Contact in when a new customer is added in WooCommerce.

Use this template:

Update WooCommerce orders when Contacts are tagged

If a customer contacts you via instant message about an order, you can make an order update in WooCommerce by adding a Contact tag in This automation updates a WooCommerce order when a Contact tag is updated in, saving time and keeping order status aligned.

Use this template:

Find or create customers in WooCommerce when new Contacts are created

Add potential customers that you chat with on to your WooCommerce customer list easily. This integration automatically finds or creates a new customer when you add a new Contact.

Use this template:

We have Zapier templates integrating with other popular CRM and e-commerce platforms. See the full list of templates here.

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