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How to Use Dynamic Variables

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Messaging Console

You can include a dynamic variable in your message while responding to a contact. There are two ways to use dynamic variables:

  1. By typing the dollar sign "$" 
gif showing how to add a dynamic variable in a message using the dollar sign
  1. By clicking on the variable Icon at the bottom of the Messages Module
gif showing how to add a dynamic variable in a message using the variable icon

Besides contact fields, you can also include a custom field by typing the custom field's name. 


screenshot of the creating a snippet dialog box

While composing a snippet's content, you can include a dynamic variable to personalize your quick replies. 

Tip: You can have multiple dynamic variables in a single piece of content. Make use of them while composing your messages.
Important: If the field you are trying to send is empty or the field does not exist at all, the string will not be replaced.


Besides trigger variables that are tied to a specific trigger, there are also other variables that can be created and used in the Workflows. 

  1. Save responses from the Contact as variables in the Ask a Question step. 
gif showing how to save a response to the ask a question step as a variable
  1. ​It is also possible to create output variables by adding Form Field in a Shortcut Form. The values of the variables are defined and provided by the User who initiated the Shortcut and filled out the Shortcut form.
screenshot showing how to add variable output to a form
  1. Then, use the dynamic variables saved in Workflow steps.
gif showing how to use a saved variable in a workflow step

Workflow Steps that support dynamic variables

Send Message


Send Message

WhatsApp Template

Send Message

Facebook Tagged Message

Ask a Question

Question Text Field


Contact Field Condition


Variable Condition

Update Contact Field


Add Comment


Close Conversation


HTTP Request


Add Google Sheets Row


When verifying HTTP request outputs with dynamic variables, please note that variables without a value will result in a return of null or undefined.


You can also include dynamic variables in Dialogflow for the responses and values of parameters. To use dynamic variable in Dialogflow, type {{{$dynamic.variable}}}

Example of usage of dynamic variables in value of parameter:

Example of usage of dynamic variables in responses:

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Dynamic Variables Overview

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