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Installing Mobile App

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The mobile app is designed to let you receive instant notifications on new messages, quickly respond to customers’ inquiries and perform other tasks - all from your mobile devices so you can stay connected with your customers even without a desktop access.

Downloading Mobile App

Open your built-in phone camera and scan the following QR code:

Mobile app QR code

Alternatively, go to your App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and install the mobile app.

Downloading Mobile App

Signing In to Account

Once the download is completed, open and sign in to the app.

Signing In to Account
If you do not have a account, you need to first create one on your desktop. Learn more on how to create an account here.
For an optimized user experience, ensure your software is updated to the following versions:
- Android: 10 or above
- iOS: 16 or above

What’ Next?

Learn more about what you can do on the mobile app:

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Messaging From Your Mobile

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