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How to Get a Complete View of the Customers

In this article, you’ll discover how to ensure that agents have a holistic view of the customers before conversing with them.

It is important for agents to have an understanding of the Contacts’ entire journey with your business, which include their previous interactions and outstanding issues. With this knowledge, agents can quickly identify and resolve problems, and provide a more positive customer experience to your Contacts.

Benefits of Getting a Complete View of the Customers

  • Have visibility of customers’ journey to better understand their needs.
  • Avoid misunderstandings and asking repetitive questions.
  • Improve resolution time and customer satisfaction.

Methods to Get a Complete View of the Customers

Here are some methods that you can use to obtain more context of your Contacts and conversations.

  1. Review Contact’s profile.
  2. Retrieve customer properties from existing CRM or business software.
  3. Review conversation history.

Review Contact’s profile

Use this method to obtain updated conversation context.

Method Objectives

  • Check for Contact merge suggestions
  • Perform Contact merge

Duplicate Contact records can occur on the platform due to data entry errors or customers contacting the business using different messaging channels. When this occurs, the Contact’s conversation history is spread across multiple messaging channels.

Before starting a conversation with a Contact, it is recommended to check for and merge duplicate Contact records. This consolidates the Contact’s conversation history and gives the agent a complete view of the Contact’s past interactions.

Check for Contact merge suggestions

When the platform detects that the phone number or email address of a Contact is used by another Contact, there will be an indicator on the Merge Suggestions tab at the vertical sidebar of the Inbox Module.

Perform Contact merge

When there’s an indication for merge suggestion, check for relevancy and then perform a Contact merge to consolidate multiple Contact records into a single, complete record. Learn how to merge your Contacts here.

Retrieve customer properties from existing CRM or business software

If you have an existing CRM or business software that holds your primary customer list, you can retrieve the customer data and add them to the Contact profiles in

Use this method when you do not have a Zapier subscription or you only need to get extra details of a particular Contact.
Use this method when you have a Zapier subscription.

Review conversation history

Use this method to obtain more context of the conversation history.

You can view all previous and ongoing conversations with your Contacts from the Inbox Module. Before starting a conversation, it is recommended to read the conversation history so you can understand the context and provide the best possible service.

To reduce the time needed for agents to go through the entire conversation, Owners or Managers can consider making closing notes and summary mandatory every time a conversation is closed. When the conversation is re-opened, the agent who is assigned to the Contact can quickly read through the conversation summary to understand the context of the previous conversation without going through the entire conversation history. Learn more about closing notes here.

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