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Install Website Chat Widget on Shopify

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Adding a web chat widget to your Shopify store is a quick and easy process. It does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge.

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Setting Up for Installation

In order to install a web chat widget on Shopify, you will need the following:

If you don't have a code snippet already, you will generate one when creating a Website Chat Widget or using the Facebook Chat Plugin for Facebook Messenger.

If you have the channels already connected on the platform and you need to retrieve the generated code snippet, follow the instructions here.

Installing on Shopify

Step 1: Log in to Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account and click on "Online Store" on the navigation bar.

Shopify account online store page

Step 2: Click on Edit Code

Navigate to the Themes section. Here, click on the Actions dropdown menu and select the Edit Code option.

Shopify account online store themes page

Step 3: Paste the Script

Copy your plugin script from the platform. On the left panel of the Edit Code Page, click the Sections folder to expand it. Press the footer.liquid section and paste the chat plugin script.

Once you have pasted the script into the appropriate section, press the purple Save button on the top left.

Shopify account online store themes edit code page


Open the website and check out the chat plugin. You will find it in the bottom-right corner. Now your website visitors can chat effortlessly with you. If you used the code snippets generated from the platform, you will be able to manage the conversations and update the appearance of the widget from the Platform.

The chat widget is now active on your website.
Note: If you are using an external theme and the widget is not working, please try embedding the website code under the theme.liquid section before </body>

Feeling stuck? Do not fear.

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