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Workspace Settings: Users

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Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owners and Managers only!

This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Users.

screenshot of the main users settings page

In these settings, you can:

User Overview

Here, you will be able to see the list of existing Users that have been invited to help you manage your Workspace. If they have not accepted your invitation, their email address will be marked as pending.

User Profile

The user profile consists of the User's profile avatar, display name, user access level and email address.

screenshot of a user, their email address and the options to revoke or edit

There is a status indicator at the bottom right of the User's profile avatar. If the green indicator is present, then it means the user is online. This status reflects their presence in real-time.

Last Active

The time beside the Action buttons shows the User's last seen status or last activity on the platform. This is useful for monitoring purposes.


There are two possible actions to take here:

Tip: Use the 🔍 at the top to quickly find the User that you are looking for.

Adding New Users

Step 1: Navigate to Users settings and select Users from the menu.

Step 2: Click Add User

Step 3: Enter the Email Address of the User whom you wish to invite

Step 4: Select an appropriate Access Level for this new User.

Learn more about Access Levels here.

Step 5: For Managers and Agents, advanced restrictions may be applied if necessary depending on your Organization's needs.

Step 6: Once you have filled out the fields, Click Add to add the user into your Workspace

An invitation email will be sent to the User's email address that you entered. The new User will have to click on a link embedded in the invitation email to gain access to the Workspace.
When you add a User to the Workspace, the User will be added to the Organization if they have not already been added.

Exporting Users

If you wish to export the Users of your Workspace, click on the Export button. You can export your Users in a CSV file.

gif showing how to export users to a CSV

Managing User Roles and Access

A User cannot revoke or edit their own access. This requires another User with the privilege to do so.

There are three User roles on the platform. Different User roles have different levels of access to the Workspace they have been invited to. The following are the available roles:

Assign roles to Users wisely in order to protect your Workspace. Roles allow you to limit the level of access of each collaborator invited to your Workspace.


Owner is a user access level that has access to all the modules of the platform except for billing. Owners can be invited to the Workspace by the Owners of the Workspace.

As an Owner, you can:

  • Have access to all modules
  • Manage Workspace settings
  • Invite Owners, Managers and Agents to the Workspace to collaborate
  • Manage Users


Managers are invited to work on the Workspace by Owners.

As a Manager, you can:

  • Have access to all modules
  • Restricted accessibility to Workspace Settings
  • Manage Workspace Settings
  • Invite Agents to the workspace to collaborate
  • Add Whatsapp Template Message (Twilio and MessageBird)
Advanced Restrictions

The following is the list of restrictions that apply to Managers:

Access to Workspace Settings - Managers with this restriction cannot access the Workspace Settings. Therefore, they won't be able to manage or change the settings. They also cannot add or delete Channels. To do so, the Owner access level is required.

Contact Deletion - Managers with this restriction are not allowed to delete Contacts.

Data Export - Managers with this restriction are not allowed to perform any data export from any modules in the Workspace.

Integration - Managers with this restriction cannot connect any integration to the platform.

Managers cannot connect Channels.


Agents are expected to respond to messages on the platform and have limited access.

As an Agent, you can:

  • Have access to Messages Module only
Advanced Restrictions

The following is the list of restrictions applicable to Agents:

Restrict Contact Visibility

  • View Contacts assigned to their Team and themselves
    • Agents with this restriction can only view Contacts who are assigned to themselves and their team in the Mine Inbox and Team Inbox. The agent won't be able to view unassigned Contacts and Contacts that are assigned to those who are not in their team.
  • View Contacts assigned to themselves only
    • Agents with this restriction can only view contacts assigned to themselves in the Mine Inbox. The agent won't be able to view unassigned contacts and contacts assigned to someone else.
For agents with the above restrictions, Contact views are accessible but they may not see the same Contact count as others if the view has Contacts they cannot access. The Contact view will only list the Contacts they are allowed to view.

Restrict Workflows Button

Agents with this restriction cannot see the Workflows icon in the messaging module. Hence, agents cannot initiate a Shortcut or view Ongoing Workflows.

Mask Phone Number and Email Address

Agents with this restriction will not be able to completely see a Contact’s Phone Number and/or Email Address.

Agents can add a phone number or email if the Contact’s profile does not initially have one, but cannot update them once this information has been added. To update them, agents need to seek assistance from their manager.
Note that this option is only available for Enterprise plans.

Revoking Access

To revoke a User's access to your Workspace, press their respective Revoke Access button. This will open up the Revoke Access menu.

screenshot of how to revoke users
Assign Contacts to another User

Revoking a User's access will remove them from your Workspace. By default, any Contacts that were previously assigned to this User will be marked as unassigned. If you want these Contacts to be assigned to another User, enable the checkbox option and select a User to assign Contacts to from a dropdown menu.

When revoking a User's access, their access to the Organization will remain. If you need to remove them from the Organization, please refer to this guide.
Be careful when you revoke a User's access. This action cannot be undone.

Editing Users

Click the Edit button to open up the Edit User menu and make changes to your existing users on your Workspace.

You can only make changes to a User's access level. Once you are done, click the Update button to save your changes.

User Access Permissions Details Chart

✅ = has access ⭕️ = can be allowed by Owner ❌ = no access











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FAQ and Troubleshooting

How can I change a user’s email in my Workspace?

To change a user’s email, add a new user with the new email and provide them with the same access level as the user with the email you want to change.

Learn how to add a new user here. If an email is obsolete, you can delete the user by following the instructions here.

If the user has organization-level access, we recommend configuring their user details following these steps. When an organization-level user's details are changed, it will be reflected in all the Workspaces that the user has access to.

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