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Workspace Settings: Snippets

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Getting Here

This module is accessible by Owners and Managers only!

This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Snippets.

screenshot of the snippets settings in workspace settings

The Snippets Module allows you to create standardized replies or canned responses to reply to frequently asked questions with a couple of keystrokes. Once you have created your Snippets, you will be able to use them to quickly compose your replies in the Messages Module.

Snippets Overview

From this table, you can take a look at the existing Snippets in your Workspace.

Tip: Use the 🔍 at the top of the Snippets Module to quickly find the Snippet that you are looking for.

Snippet Name and ID

The Snippet name displays the human-friendly name of each Snippet. The name will be used as the command when looking to input the prescribed text into your message.

Meanwhile, Snippet ID is the unique identifier that is automatically generated to label each Snippet in the system. The Snippet ID can be used for sending Snippets via integrations.


The Snippet Message is the actual text content that is inputted when using the Snippet.


The Snippet Topics are tags that help you organize your snippets. Snippets can be tagged with up to 10 different topics.

Tip: Use Topics to organize your Snippets into groups. To view Snippets tagged to a specific topic, use the Topic Selector and select a topic to view the tagged Snippets.

gif of snippets topic selector


You can perform the following actions to Snippets:

screenshot showing how to edit or delete a snippet

Creating a New Snippet

Step 1: Navigate to Snippets Module

From the side navigation menu, select Snippets from the menu

Step 2: Press ADD SNIPPET

At the top bar, press the blue ADD SNIPPET button and the Create Snippet dialog should open up.

screenshot of the create snippet form

Step 3: Fill in the required information




Name your Snippet with a short identifying title. This will be used when searching to input the Snippet in the Messaging Module.


Text content that will be inputted into the message bar when selected. You may include Dynamic Variables to personalize your message content.


Topic tags are used to categorize the Snippets for easier visibility. However, this field is optional.

Step 4: Create Snippet

When you have filled in the fields, press the blue CREATE button to create the Snippet.

Important: Take note that each Workspace can only have up to 5,000 Snippets.

Using Snippets in Messages

When replying to Contacts in the Messages Module, you can use prewritten Snippets to quickly compose a response.

Step 1: Type a forward slash

Navigate to the Contact you wish to respond to and simply type the forward slash in the messaging bar. Type the name of the Snippet to search for it. For example, you can start typing /greetings1 to search for a Snippet named Greetings1.

gif showing how to use a snippet in a conversation

Step 2: Select the desired Snippet

As you type, there are suggestions based on your query. Select the desired one and the message will be populated into the messaging bar.

Step 3: Review and send

Review the Snippet content and make any necessary changes. Once done, you may send it to the Contact.

Tip: Always review the content before sending it to make sure the content is relevant to the occasion.

Editing a Snippet

If you need to make a change to an existing Snippet, you can do so by choosing Edit from the Actions menu.

screenshot showing the form to edit a snippet

You can make the necessary changes to the Snippet and press the UPDATE button when you are done.

Important: Be mindful when you make changes to a Snippet as Snippets are shared across the Workspace with other Users. Editing a Snippet may affect other Users in the Workspace.

Deleting a Snippet

If a Snippet is no longer relevant or a duplicate of another, it can be deleted from the Workspace by choosing Delete from the Actions menu.

Be careful when you delete a Snippet as it may be used by other Users in the Workspace. Bear in mind that the deletion cannot be undone.

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