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Workspace Settings: Data Import

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Getting Here

This setting is accessible by Owners and Managers only!

This setting can be accessed from the Settings navigation menu under the Workspace Settings sub-menu item, Data Import.

screenshot of data import settings in workspace setttings

You can initiate a new Contact import or view your Contact import history in this page.

Contact Import

Click on the IMPORT CONTACTS button to initiate a new import. You can add new Contacts, update existing Contacts or do both in an import.

Contact Import History

You can view the details of your previous Contact imports in the Contact Import History table.

Table Headers


Data Imported

Date of import

File Name

CSV file name

Uploaded By

User who performed the import job

New Contact

Number of new Contacts added

Updated Contact

Number of existing Contacts updated

Error Count

Number of Contacts with errors that did not get imported

Tag Added

Tags added to the successfully imported Contacts


The status of the contact import job.

  • Completed: Import job is completed
  • Processing: Import job is in progress
  • Expired: Import job was initiated over 7 days ago
  • Failed: Server error
A results file can be downloaded within 7 days of a completed import job. After 7 days, the results file will no longer be available and the Import Status will change to Expired.

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