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Facebook Chat Plugin

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Effective immediately, the Chat Plugin in guest mode on Facebook will no longer be available. Furthermore, Meta has announced that the Facebook Chat Plugin will be deprecated and no longer function as of May 9, 2024. However, features such as links will remain available for use. Learn more about Chat Plugin here.

The Facebook Customer Chat Plugin allows customers to chat through Facebook Messenger on your website. If your website visitors already have a conversation history with your Facebook page, the history will be visible on Facebook Chat Plugin.

The Facebook Chat Plugin

This helps to create a single experience for your contacts and enables you to continue the conversation even after they have left your webpage. However, it requires website visitors to be logged in to their Facebook account to chat. Visitors that are not logged in will be prompted to do so.

Creating a Facebook Chat Plugin Script

Step 1: Navigate to the Growth Widgets module

From the Settings module, navigate to the menu item, Growth Widgets.

Step 2: Click Add Widget and locate the Facebook Chat Plugin

Once you've located the Facebook Chat Plugin, select it and click Create Widget.

screenshot of how to add a Facebook Messenger chat plugin

Step 3: Specify the domains

Enter the domains that you would like the Facebook Chat Plugin added to.

Facebook Chat Plugin does not allow using * to replace the subdomain (e.g., https://*

Step 4: Select your Facebook Channel

Select one of your connected Facebook channels from the dropdown list.

Step 5: Configure additional settings

If you want to further customize the widget, click the Advanced Settings button to show the additional settings.

The parameters you can adjust are outlined as below:

Color Theme

Using the interactive color picker, choose a color that best suits your brand and the website.

Add Reference Code

A reference code can be added to Contacts who chat with you through the Chat Plugin so that you can track the source of the contact. It will appear in the messages of the Contacts as an in-line event when a conversation is opened.

Display Greeting Dialog

The widget can be set in three modes:

  • Show: Greeting pops open after a specified delay
  • Hide: Only the messenger logo will be shown until the user clicks on it
  • Fade: Greeting pops up after a specified delay then fades away

Greeting Dialog Controls

The following Greeting Dialog controls can also be adjusted:

  • Greeting Dialog Delay: Set the delayed time for the greeting dialog pop-up (in seconds)
  • Greeting message for logged in user: Greeting message for users whose browsers are already logged in to Facebook
  • Greeting message for logged out user: Greeting message for users whose browsers are not logged in to Facebook

Step 6: Proceed to obtain the script

Click the Generate Widget button in the top right and obtain the script to be added to the webpage. Alternatively, you can email the instructions to someone else.

Installing the Chat Plugin

Installing the Facebook Chat Plugin will be similar to installing the web chat widget. Please refer to this guide on how to install the chat plugin.


Chat Plugin Not Showing/Loading

Try the following methods:

  1. Check if the web page URL starts with HTTPS, Facebook Chat Plugin may not work on websites without SSL certificates.
  2. Check the domain is whitelisted correctly in Facebook Chat Plugin Settings.

Chat Plugin Not Showing/Loading (Installed With Wix)

Try the following method:

  1. Move the Facebook Chat Plugin to the top of the Tracking Tools & Analytics list.
Chat Plugin Not Showing/Loading

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