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You can now migrate your connected MessageBird WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business API to enjoy higher reliability, lower costs, and access to new features. Learn more about the migration process here.
To connect MessageBird WhatsApp, a MessageBird WhatsApp API account is required. Read this guide on how to create a MessageBird WhatsApp API account.
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In addition to providing SMS services, MessageBird is also an API provider that works directly with WhatsApp as an official partner. MessageBird also provides other services such as phone number purchases and WhatsApp Official API account management.

By integrating MessageBird WhatsApp API, the platform can enable you to respond to WhatsApp messages directly.

This channel has a limited 24-hour messaging window due to WhatsApp regulations. Find out more here!

Channel Configuration

MessageBird WhatsApp Channel can be configured with a unique Channel name.

Step 1: Navigate to Workspace Settings > Click Channels.

Step 2: Locate the MessageBird WhatsApp Channel > Click Manage > Configuration.

Step 3: Configure the Channel name, which is used internally to identify the account.

Ensure all your details are entered correctly as errors may cause outbound messages from your MessageBird WhatsApp account to fail.

Step 4: Click Save Changes to update the Channel configuration.

Metadata Received by Channel

Different channels provide different set of Contact’s metadata to platform. Here’s the list of Contact’s data you’ll be able to obtain from this channel:

  • Display name
  • Phone number
  • Status of the contact
  • Unique random ID of the contact created on this channel platform

Managing WhatsApp Message Templates

Before sending a Template Message to a Contact on the platform, ensure you did the following:
- Submitted the message template for approval
- Added the approved message template to the Space

Submitting Message Template for Approval

If you do not have an approved message template or would like to submit a new message template, please refer to the following guide.

Step 1: Navigate to the WhatsApp Template Manager in the WhatsApp Section on the left side of your Message Dashboard on MessageBird

Step 2: Click Create Template and a dialog containing the fields to create a message template will appear.

Step 3: Fill in the required information




The identifier of the message template in small letters only and spaces need to be replaced with an underscore.


The category to which the message template belongs to.


The language of which the message template.


The full body of the message, with the option to add unique parameters represented as placeholders.

Step 4: Review the information and submit it for approval when ready.

Adding the Approved WhatsApp Message Template to the Space

Once your Message Template has been approved on MessageBird, you may proceed to add the message template on the platform.

Step 1: Navigate to Workspace Settings > Click Channels

Step 2: Locate the MessageBird WhatsApp Channel > click Manage > Templates

Step 3: Fill in the required information




Template Name


A name used to identify the template.

Template Content


The message template approved by WhatsApp and to be sent to the contact.



The unique identifier provided by the WhatsApp Partner API. Your namespace can be found in the WhatsApp Channel dashboard.


Single select

In which category does this template belong to. Refer here for a list of categories.


Single select

In which language this template is written.

Make sure to choose one of the three Meta-approved categories (Marketing, One-time password and Transactional) as other listed categories will be deprecated.

Step 4: Review the information and click Save.

Rate Limits

A rate limit is the number of API calls an app or user can make within a given time period defined by the channel. Learn more about the rate limits for this channel here.

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