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Managing Notifications On Your Mobile

Getting Here

On the mobile app, navigate to the Notification Center tab via the bell icon at the bottom screen.

Filtering notifications
If you have multiple Workspaces, you can check if you are at the correct Workspace from the mobile app settings prior to performing any action.


Notifications are displayed in the Notification Center when the following occurs:

  • Someone mentions you in a Comment.
  • Contact import you’ve initiated is completed.
  • Data export you’ve initiated is completed.
  • Any custom notification set up.

You can also receive mobile push notifications on your mobile device when the following occurs:

  • You receive an incoming message.
  • A Contact is assigned to you.
  • Someone mentions you in a Comment.
  • Any custom notification set up.
To ensure the deliverability of the mobile push notifications, ensure that you have enabled and allowed notifications on your mobile device.

The number on the bell icon indicates the number of unread notifications. Tap the bell icon to display the Notification Center. You can perform various actions from here, such as:

Filtering Notifications

Filtering Notifications

Filter notifications by status:

  • New - This tab lists all unread and unarchived notifications.
  • Archived - This tab lists all archived notifications.
  • All - This tab lists all notifications regardless of archived or unarchived.

Viewing Comments That You Have Been Mentioned

Tap the notification to display the conversation with the comment that you’ve been mentioned. From here, you can continue messaging the Contact, view Contact’s details, etc. Learn more on how to use the Messages tab on mobile app here.

Archiving Notifications

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • To archive a new notification: In the New tab, swipe the notification to the right > tap Archive.
Archiving a notification
  • To archive all new notifications at once: In the New tab, tap Archive All > tap Archive All on the pop-up message.
Archiving all notifications

Unarchiving Notifications

  • In the Archived tab, swipe the notification to the right > tap Unarchive.
Unarchiving a notification

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