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Booking a Demo

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Getting Here

To book a demo, select the Resource Center icon on the side navigation menu and select Book a Demo from the menu. A new page displays where you can provide your contact information.

Book a Demo page

Booking a Demo

Provide the following information on the page so that we can tailor our demo to your requirements:

  1. Provide your email address in the Work email field.
  2. Select your role in the Role field.
  3. Select your job level in the Job Level field.
  4. Enter your company name in the Company name field.
  5. Provide an estimate on the number of people in your company by selecting an option from the Company size dropdown.
  6. Select an option that best describes what you want to focus on in the demo from the How can our team help dropdown.
  7. Let us know when you plan on beginning to use on the How soon would you like to implement field.
  8. Provide us with any additional thoughts you would like to share with us in the Is there anything else you would like to add? (Optional) field.
  9. Select the language you want the demo in from the Preferred language dropdown.
  10. Review your options and click Submit.

Our team will reach out to you to find an appropriate time for the demo.

Feeling stuck? Do not fear.

Need assistance? Contact us for support. Help is here!

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