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Getting Here

In the vertical sidebar, click on the Activities tab.

Contact Activity Panel

adding a comment to a contact


Comments function as internal notes for you and your Team to refer to when necessary. For example, you may include some long notes regarding an issue or situation in a comment instead of a Custom Field.


Comments are tied to the Contact and visible across the Workspace. Anyone who views the contact details will be able to view the Comments too.

As a mentioned User, you can hit Reply on the comment to reply to the User who tagged you. This feature adds the User's name to the comment for ease of use.

Conversation Events

Any Conversation Events that are triggered with this Contact will be listed in Contact Activity too. Refer to Conversation Events to learn more about the Events triggered.

Conversation Events

Conversation Events are grouped according to their dates and sorted from newest to oldest. This way, you can chronologically run through the Events that have happened to a Contact when necessary.

Viewing Source Advertisement

When a customer clicks an advertisement to chat (Click-to-Chat Ad), the contact conversation window includes:

  • Contact Event: A notification that the chat has been opened by the customer along with information about the platform the customer used, e.g., Facebook. Clicking a link takes you to the advertisement to help you gain perspective.
  • Ad Summary Card: Following the contact event notification, a contact card is also displayed. You can expand the card and either open the link to the advertisement or view a description of the advertisement (to avoid opening the link to view the advertisement).
Click-to-Chat Ad working

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