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Use to Create Tickets in External Ticketing Systems

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Business Goal: Create tickets in an external ticketing system without leaving the platform.

Some issues require multiple conversations or multiple departments to be involved for a resolution. This is where it will be useful to create a ticket. A ticket can be created in your existing ticketing system without leaving the platform.

Tip: If an issue can be resolved in a single conversation, your business doesn’t need a ticketing system. It’s sufficient to use the close conversation method to monitor all resolved issues.

Benefits of Creating a Ticket

Creating a ticket in an external ticketing system helps to:

  • consolidate all conversations with multiple departments into one thread.
  • ensure your business support experience meets customers’ expectations.
  • provide a service standard goal for your support agents to meet expected service targets.

Methods for Creating a Ticket

We have provided an example of how to do this using HubSpot. The methods are similar for other CRMs, but you will need to check your CRM's documentation for API keys and exact field mapping details.

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Support: Closing Conversations

Supervising Your Support Agents

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