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Using to Create Deals in a CRM

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Business Goal: Use to create deals in a CRM.

While you can track agent productivity and message leads in, businesses with long deal cycles often require an external CRM. When you add a new lead in, you can automatically create a deal in a CRM like Hubspot.

Tip: If your business has very short sales cycles, you may not need to connect to a CRM. You can use the close conversation method to track sales agent productivity.

Benefits of Creating Deals in a CRM

Connecting to a CRM helps businesses:

  • Find out which channels deals are coming from.
  • Consolidate lead information.

Methods for Creating Deals in a CRM

We have provided an example of how to do this using HubSpot. The methods will be similar for other CRMs, but you will need to check your CRM's documentation for API keys and exact field mapping details.

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