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Reports: Logs

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Tab Filters

In this tab, there are two types of filters for Users to apply based on their reporting needs.

screenshot of logs filters
If a User has been deleted from the Workspace, their username will be replaced by their user ID. Export all user IDs from User Settings before removing Users for accurate record-keeping.




This date range picker will allow Users to select a range of dates to be applied to the reports components.


This filter will allow Users to refine their view of report components by selecting one or multiple Users

Contact Assignment Log

The table lists the contact assignment activities in the platform.

screenshot of contact assignment log

Table Headers


Time Assigned

The date and time of when the Contact was assigned

Contact Name

The name of Contact to be assigned

Assigned To

The assignee of the Contact

Assigned By

The user who assigned the Contact to the assignee

Comment Log

The table lists the comments added to Contacts in the Workspace.

Table Headers


Date Time

The date and time of when the comment was added to the contact


The user who added the comment


The contact whom the comment was added to


The content of the added comment

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Reports: Messages

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