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Managing Broadcasts

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Viewing a Broadcast

View an Upcoming Broadcast

On the Calendar view, view an upcoming broadcast by clicking on the colored tab.

View Upcoming broadcasts

On the Scheduled view, view an upcoming broadcast by clicking on the Actions menu and selecting Edit for the view dialog to appear.

View upcoming broadcasts

The Target Audience field indicates how many Contacts you have targeted for this broadcast.

View a Sent Broadcast

On the Calendar view, view a sent broadcast by clicking on the grey tab.

View Sent broadcast calendar view

On the History view, you can view the details of each of the broadcasts by pressing View under the More Actions menu.

View Sent broadcast
View Sent broadcasts

The Recipients field indicates how many of your Contacts were sent this broadcast, based on the targeting options that you have set.

Cloning a Broadcast

If you wish to create a similar broadcast, clone the existing broadcast and make the necessary changes. There are two ways to clone a broadcast.

From the Actions menu

Clone broadcast from actions menu

From the View dialogs

Clone broadcast from the view dialogs

Deleting a Broadcast

If you would like to delete a broadcast, it can be deleted from the space by choosing Delete from the actions menu.

Be careful when you delete a broadcast as it may be used by other users in the space. Bear in mind that the deletion cannot be undone.

Exporting Broadcasts

Only Owners and Managers with no such restriction can perform this action!

If you wish to export the broadcasts in the view, you can do so by selecting an export option from the More Menu. You can choose between exporting your Contacts in a CSV file depending on your business needs.

Tip: Exporting your broadcasts in PDF is better suited for viewing and sharing. Export them as a CSV file to be more easily edited.


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Sending a Simple Broadcast

Start a Workflow Based on Broadcast Response

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